Error making Build at Jenkins


I have a problem setting up the build in jenkins follows errors:

This happens in the configuration of the job "in the build step", where I choose the maven version and then I need to configure the goals, but this step I can not solve.

Follow the image of the error.

asked by anonymous 25.07.2014 / 15:36

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As I found what I needed I will post here for further questions, I will leave a bonus also because the glassfish plugin does not pick up so I used the haus post.

Below is how my build was configured:

Here is the configuration section of my pom.xml with the haus post, since the plugin for jenkins glassfish does not work.

<!-- Cargo Code Haus Glassfish -->
31.07.2014 / 15:08

When working with seamless integration, you are not always allowed to change the pom.xml of the projects. So, the best way to accomplish projects deploy is to use the Jenkins plugin that does this work. The suggestion is that you use the Deploy plugin . If you need to, follow the this installation guide of the plugin.

24.07.2015 / 17:52