SQLite being accessed remotely


Would it be possible to create an App connection on Android with the SQLite service with Local PC? I do not speak of a database within the own Android, but rather communicating with PC itself.

asked by anonymous 04.09.2016 / 14:16

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Yes, it is possible but not recommended.

Any direct access to the file is problematic, the operating system has difficulty dealing with remote accesses direct competitors. Also, it is not so simple to take care of security access to this file and have a chance to end up exposing the computer where the SQLite file is.

Obviously I'm considering that the computer can be easily located on the network. There are a number of concerns to be borne that would depend on a deeper study of the subject. You can not follow cake recipe, and I do not think I have one for good reason.

What is most recommended is access through an intermediary application on the computer where the SQLite file is located and this application is accessing.

You can create your own application for this and use a proprietary communication protocol between the server application and the client on Android:

  • is only recommended for experienced programmers or who have good command of computing. If you can not do it, a lot can go wrong.

Or you can use a standard web server and create only the application that makes SQLite access simple and deliver to the HTTP server to take care of communication with Android:

  • There are risks of doing wrong, but it's not that complicated;
  • has cake recipes (to be followed blindly and the solution is not so good, starting with being chosen because it's easy and not because it's the best);
  • and almost everyone can help because this is a standard solution adopted.
04.09.2016 / 14:30