Test case is a use case?


I have questions about use case and test case . In my understanding both are the same things, just a UML diagram, but in college my teacher said that a test case is not a diagram and not a use case in> but did not go into detail, however, some people said that the test case is a use case ie a UML diagram. Now I am confused about these two concepts. The following example of a use case can be considered a test case ?

Example of the use case I created for illustration:

If not, what would be a test case ?

asked by anonymous 08.01.2016 / 16:42

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A use case is a high-level description of a requirement requested by the user. Already a test case is a given scenario of how the system should behave in a specific setting, either through inputs or outputs.

In other words, they are both different artifacts that have different purposes and have some unusual information.

The test case can refer to business rules (high level of abstraction) or check how certain internal structures of the software behave (low level this type of information is not specified in the use case).

Perhaps the confusion is that a business rule can turn out to be a test case.

08.01.2016 / 17:15

Use Case is a document that contains the system requirements.

Test case is basically describing the steps and expected results for each action.

20.06.2016 / 04:15

From a use case it is possible to derive one or more test cases.

The use case is like an artifact that represents what the developer should implement about the requirement.

In this association, the test case would represent what the user should be able to execute, given a requirement.

22.11.2017 / 21:48