What is collation? [duplicate]


I never knew exactly what it means. I know it has to do with the encoding of the data that will be inserted into the table, but besides, is there any more specific reason to select a collation ?

I have some doubts:

  • In the case of a database, what would a Collation specifically be?

  • Depending on the Colattion chosen, can I increase the speed of queries?

  • Is there any specific advice when using it? Example: Saved data type, region, or character set?

  • What problems can I have if I do not know which Collation to use when creating a table or database?

asked by anonymous 13.03.2017 / 14:11

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The collation ollation defines the set of rules that the server will use for sorting and comparing between texts, that is, how the operators =, & gt ;,

13.03.2017 / 19:53