How to change the language of Visual Studio 2017?


If you follow Visual Studio 2017 installation step by step, it installs the operating system language. How do I change the language to English?

asked by anonymous 11.03.2017 / 22:45

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Visual Studio 2017 installation has several languages other than English, and by default installs the operating system language.

If you need to install a different language, you should:

1) reopen the installer and select modify / modify


3)Thenclosetheinstaller,openvisualstudioandchangethelanguageto:Tools->Options->Environment->Internationalsettings as suggested by bigown

Solutionfound in the Response language of Visual Studio 2017 RC

11.03.2017 / 23:55

When I installed it, it asked which languages I wanted, perhaps because of the flow I chose to configure before.

If you want you can still change by going to: Options - > Environment - > International Settings


11.03.2017 / 22:57