To learn C ++ is it necessary to learn C?


If I want to learn about C ++, do I need to learn C before or are they different things?

asked by anonymous 10.12.2018 / 12:40

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No. In some ways it is even recommended that you do not learn C. You can even, but this can confuse you. If you have decided to go to C ++, go there. Most excellent C ++ programmers will admit they do not know C.

There is a myth that C ++ is the "improved" C, but this is not true. C ++ started being an evolution of C, but so many new features were put that turned another language. Although C ++ compiles almost all C-codes, this is not the way to program in C ++. If you program in C ++ for real the code is very different from the C code.

And then you have to be careful with the material you will choose to learn because many teach C in C ++, that is, you do not even know you are cheating, because it works, but it is not right,

C ++ is a high-level language with best cost zero abstractions and is evolving a lot. C is considered a portable Assembly, and even so it hardly evolves and has almost no abstractions.

My consumer dream is that C ++ has a way that turns off the ability to use C resources.

10.12.2018 / 13:03