How to adapt my code to Android 4.1?


I'm making an application using Materialize. But there is a mistake.

The MENU is to work as in the second image. It is hidden with TranslateX(-100%) . And when I click on the MENU icon it opens the MENU.

But when I open the application, the MENU appears halfway. I do not understand how this is happening, since the MENU is done with UL and inside it has LI's .

I already use -webkit in properties.

The first image is as it is and the second is what I want it to be. See:

asked by anonymous 22.11.2016 / 12:14

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I just answered a similar question, adapt the code, and throw menu content into <div id="mySidenav"></div> . I believe that is your problem. Play the button functions for your menu button and voila.

31.03.2017 / 19:28