Hosting site in Windows Azure thanks?


Windows Azure allows a trial time of 30 days to test the platform, but after that? There is a free hosting option for .NET applications, but it is not clear if you will have a cost or after the trial period if it will be possible to continue using the basic plans for free.

asked by anonymous 18.02.2014 / 05:11

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As per Windows Azure purchase FAQ :


Yes. With our new Spend Limit feature, customers who subscribe to the 90 Day Free Trial offer, MSDN or Cloud Essentials can use Windows Azure without fear of being charged as long as they keep the Spend Limit feature on.

And in Windows Azure Spending Limit , there are two parts that call attention:

  • By default, all new customers who sign up for the trial offer or one of our member offerings (for example, the MSDN offer) will have a $ 0 Expense Limit. > Good news
  • When your usage exceeds the monthly amounts included in your offer, your service will be disabled for the remainder of that month (...) . There is a limit, if you pass it, your service will be disabled .
  • If the subscription was disabled because the Expense Limit was reached, click on the notification: "The signature has reached the Expense Limit and has been disabled to avoid charges." If this is not the case, click "Remove Spending Limit" in the Tasks area. That is, in order to have your application active, you would have to reactivate payment, and once you have activated payment, you will never be able to disable this feature again. li>

    The only thing that is not clear is whether the basic limit will always be available for free and you only pay the difference, as Amazon EC2 free tier for a year.

    So yes, you can use it for free. But your application can not exceed the limits imposed by them.

  • 18.02.2014 / 05:41

    The free offer has a 30-day running time with $ 200 credit and the expiration date is whichever comes first. After this you will upgrade your account to the traditional contracting model called Pay-As-You-GO.

    As for the question of using a free web site, the answer is yes, even if you have a PAYG account, each subscription is limited to 10 free Web Sites, 1 MySQL database and another SQL Database with the size of 20MB and valid for the first 12 months of use.


    Note:   Relational Database: one 20MB Azure SQL Database and one 20MB MySQL database are available at the subscription level for the first twelve months of use; standard rates apply thereafter.

    Reference with table demonstrating the limits of the free and locall Web site where it contains the above note: link

    Only some kind of cost will be generated if you use some other feature, otherwise nothing will be charged.

    Good luck and success!

    08.05.2014 / 12:54