Edit directly via FTP with Sublime Text


I want to work via FTP with Sublime Text 2. I do not want to just connect via FTP and transfer files, but rather, edit the file, and when I save it, it sends directly to the server, via FTP. So, as it is done in Komodo. Is this possible?

asked by anonymous 15.01.2014 / 14:08

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This functionality is not available in the core of Sublime Text, but is possible with plugins. A Google search found two of the first results:

15.01.2014 / 14:56

Dude, I usually use FileZilla as Client for FTP, and I have set Sublime as the default editor for it ... and when I edit from the server files, saving FileZilla already asks if I want to send to the server again with the changes.


15.01.2014 / 18:33

If you're still looking for this, both in SFTP and FTPSync, you can do this by changing the line '' upload_on_save ': false "to' 'upload_on_save': true" in the plugin's own settings file where you provide the host, user, and pass. This way when saving the file the plugin uploads automatically. Vlw Flw

31.03.2014 / 06:19

I have tried to do this too, in which programmer life, this same challenges every day, a lightweight program that does this is cute ftp.

08.11.2014 / 19:58