Block saving of repeated data


How do I check the controller, if an email already exists in the mongoose database and thus, does the lock save it again?

asked by anonymous 10.07.2015 / 22:07

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The best way to do this is to establish a unique index in the field. This can be done by adding unique: true to the field definition in the schema:

var UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  email: { type: String, unique: true }
  // ...

You can read about this feature here: link

And about unique indexes in MongoDB here: link

Saves and updates will fail without further changes to your code when duplicate values are being entered. Vitor's response is valid, but subject to race conditions (and if a user with a duplicate email is inserted between find and save ?).

You can then treat the error that MongoDB will return in duplicate values:

// Ou dê match no código do erro (E11000)
if(_.contains(err.message, 'duplicate key error') &&
   _.contains(err.message, 'users.$email')) {
  err = new Error('This email is already registered');
  err.status = 400;

throw err;
01.09.2015 / 00:45

You can make a validator that only allows the inclusion or change of a user if the email address is not exists in collection:

UserSchema.path('email').validate(function (email, done) {
    var User = mongoose.model('User')

    // Check only when it is a new user or when email field is modified
    if (this.isNew || this.isModified('email')) {
        User.find({ email: email }).exec(function (err, users) {
            done(!err && users.length === 0)
    } else done(true);
}, 'Email já registrado.');

controller check the error after trying to save the user:

/* Create new user. */ = function(req, res) {
  var user = new User(req.body);{
    if (err & 
      return res.status(400).json({message:});
      return res.sendStatus(201);
14.07.2015 / 21:24