How to do a "JOIN" in two collections in MongoDB?


I know that mongo has no inner join,

But I need to filter the data of a collection by reference to its _id in another collection.

I need to display only the projects of a given user.

Out of the question restructure the base.


users: {_id: ObjectId ("..."), name: "user", ...}

Projects: { _id: ObjectId ("...") , name: "project1", ...}

In short, I want to pass the user id and it bring me all his projects without changing the structure above. Is it possible?

asked by anonymous 26.08.2014 / 20:36

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MongoDB does not support joins .

Unfortunately, its structure does not fit MongoDB's operation.

Mongodb is a non-relational database, you should centralize the data of each query in the same document.

The data from the collection usuariosProjetos should be part of the collection usuarios .

26.08.2014 / 21:00

Adding that from its version 3.4, mongodb brings the $ lookup operator, which allows joining records of two collections, from some common value between the two. But that's just it. Complex joins as in relational banking, forget.

28.11.2017 / 16:57