What is this information next to the commit ID?


What does this red information next to the commit ID mean? I noticed that there is only this in this commit.

There is no branch, this log is in master .

asked by anonymous 01.11.2018 / 16:36

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origin/feature/chart is basically the branch named feature/chart that is in origin . This means that the commit corresponds to this branch.

To see what your origin is, run:

git remote show origin

The output will be something like:

* remote origin
  Fetch URL: http://alguma.url/repositorio.git
  Push  URL: http://alguma.url/repositorio.git

The two URLs above ( Fetch URL and Push URL ) are the addresses used when you respectively git fetch and git push , and are generally the same but nothing prevents them from being different ).

This information appears when decorate option is enabled . You can enable it via the command line:

git log --decorate

Or putting this option as default in the git settings:

git config --global log.decorate auto

After the configuration above, git log always shows the information of decorate (unless you run git log --no-decorate ).

13.11.2018 / 16:44