Generate PDF with Asp.Net MVC


Hello, in my application the reports are generated in Html, I would like to know a way to generate these Html reports in PDF.

asked by anonymous 08.10.2015 / 21:19

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I'm using MvcRazorToPdf Link: link

As suggested in this link: link

28.12.2015 / 12:46

RazorPDF is a good alternative, but is incompatible with iTextSharp version 5 or higher. With that in mind, I developed RazorPDF2 .

Here are some examples of use . Basically, define your View normally, but use PdfActionResult or PdfResult to return the result. PdfActionResult works with normal HTML. PdfResult works with the iTextSharp markup syntax up to version 4.

There is Rotative , but that does not work on Azure.

08.10.2015 / 22:57

How much do we work with .NET development (though most of it does today) has a package repository that is called in the .NET world. NUGET < a>.

There are several, I would recommend this: RazorPDF for MVC - Generate PDFs with ... 1.0.0 and have the tutorial at this link: RazorPDF . Just remembering that it generates from a View a PDF!

If you want to search for another package click on this search link .

08.10.2015 / 21:26