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I have many web programs that require java running, I wonder if it's possible even after chrome disables NPAPI, still make java applications work?

Excerpt from the news


For the end user, the main change to be noted is the lack of   compatibility with Java and other plugins used by
sites   banks. This is because, progressively, the browser will   to support the NPAPI protocol, which is used by these plugins for
  communication with Google Chrome.          Protocol support will be fully closed in September, but by then it is still possible to activate the feature and continue   using the plugins that depend on NPAPI. Check out how to activate   below.

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Switch Browser

The Oracle recommendation is to consider alternatives such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.


[...] we strongly recommend Java users consider alternatives to Chrome as soon as possible. Instead, we recommend Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari as long-term options.


Google announced the NPAPI depreciation for some time and said the goal, in addition to avoiding various security issues, is to make the web more mobile friendly.

There is still no official Oracle or Google position on alternatives to running Java perhaps with another API.


  • January 2014 : Chrome version 32 adds a confirmation bar for running plugins that use NPAPI technology.
  • Middle of 2014 : more difficult to allow plugins to run, in order to discourage their use.
  • January 2015 : Plugins with NPAPI are blocked by default, requiring the user to enable them manually.
  • April 2015 : In Chrome version 42, the plugins that use NPAPI will be disabled by default and will be removed from the Chrome Web Store. Only a few most used plugins will allow the default execution via a whitelist ("white list"), with the Java plugin being in this list. The process for activating such a plugin is even more complicated.
  • September 2015 : In Chrome version 45, NPAPI will be completely removed from the browser.
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With the current version (42) you can still use it by installing an NPAPI-based plugin. Enabling NPAPI in Chrome Version 42 and later >

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