Where does this notification tooltip come from?


I was doing an ASPX page development with JQUERY, W3DATA and w3CSS, and when I made a submit of my form, the following popup appeared:

Allformfieldscontainthe"required" key, but I have not specified anywhere to start validation.

Where does this notification come from? Is it possible to control? If yes, how?

asked by anonymous 18.05.2017 / 20:12

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Are you sure you did not specify? This feature is part of HTML5 .

The field on screen should look like this:

<input type="text" name="titulo_notificacao" required>
18.05.2017 / 20:15

You do not have to specify anywhere for HTML5 to validate the form. Containing required and a submit button on form, this message will appear.

If the input is type="email" for example, it will ask you to put the email in the right format with @. Any input that has a pattern will show the message asking for the input to be entered in the correct format.


Remembering that this message only appears in chrome, firefox does not appear (but continues to validate).

18.05.2017 / 20:21

This tooltrip is an html required attribute. Certainly your property is with this note. Or this property is declared in html.


[Required(ErrorMessage = "Preencha este campo")]
public string Notificacao{ get; set; }
18.05.2017 / 20:16