How to change the default installation directories for packages by NuGet?


In an ASP.NET MVC project, you can specify in which folders the plugins Javascript and css , such as Bootstrap Content and Scripts ?

Content and Scripts are the default directories for these files when installed in a project by NuGet or Package Manager Console . Is it possible to change or is it a configuration of each package?

If yes, how?

asked by anonymous 14.08.2014 / 03:26

2 answers


This is a configuration of each package. If you prefer, you can download the packages, edit them locally to follow the conventions you need and make them available in a private feed.

15.08.2014 / 03:25


The destination setting of the files is set by the package, and usually follows a pattern so as not to become a mess.

What you can do, as said by @viniciushana, is to create your own packages with your settings, but I do not think this is productive.

15.08.2014 / 03:33