Where to store information?


I have an angled, basic application with forms that stores the data in arrays and receives the dado in dados in div's . Now how can I store this data? What options do I have when using AngularJS ?

Being familiar with php and MySql , I know I can pass data to $http and call the .php file that inserts into the relational database, but I also know that MongoDB exists. .. An application that uses MongoDB works on a PHP / Linux server?

One more thing, on the Angular page they refer to Firebase that left me with even more doubts. What is the best way to "play" data with AngularJS?

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There is no "best" way to save data with AngularJs , everything will depend on your needs / projects. MongoDB works fine on Linux servers and to use it with php you need to install a driver

FireBase is a Backend as a Service service that already provides most of the functionality you would need to implement in a Backend. This way you will make the direct connection to the service.


Using MongoDB and PHP

BaaS - Backend as a Service

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Depends on how you want to model your application:

  • In your browser - You can write a fully client-side solution, keeping user data in the browser instance . To do so, use the Web Storage API or a library that handles it, such as angular-webstorage . The downside is that your data will persist only for that browser.

  • On a server - You'll need a backend to store your data. Models vary: From a NodeJS + object-storage ployment implementation to simple applications, passing through relational databases ( MySQL , PostgreSQL , SQLite , MariaDB , Oracle , MS SQL Server and others) or not ( MongoDB , Redis , DynamoDB , etc.).

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