Is there a UML "description" language?


It may be a pretty silly question, but I've researched it and found nothing in the way I'm thinking. I'm studying UML in college, and although it's just dragging the components to form the diagrams, this procedure can be a bit annoying (especially having to be organizing everything).

There are hardware description languages (such as VHDL and Verilog), in which you describe the circuit to be generated, similar to a programming language. So I was thinking that maybe it would be easier for analysts to create UML diagrams in a similar way ...

Is there something like this for UML?

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I've used this tool for some types of diagrams and it has the advantage that you can share and have plugins for various platforms.

An example:

Code for Class Diagrams:

[Order]-[note:Aggregate root{bg:wheat}]





AnotheroneIdiscoveredwhenIwasusingthiswas UMLGraph , but I did not get to use it.

12.07.2017 / 12:54
Visual Studio Ultimate, Enterprise Architect, StarUML, ArgoUML, UModel even MSVisio has functionality to convert code into UML.

Generally, there are limitations, both of these and other options, regarding the supported programming language. In practical terms, they work very well if you need a class and sequence diagram, since this notation is very close to object-oriented source code in conceptual terms.

However, it should be noted that UML has several diagrams that are very useful and are not designed for bottom-top design. Its power is in the abstraction capacity it offers, and therefore in top-bottom modeling.

Use it at ease, but keep in mind that good programming practice is to start with the software conceptual model / architecture, not the source code.


14.10.2017 / 15:06

I have only used UML for software, but there are tools or addins that use a kind of scripting to build UML diagrams.

For example: link

12.07.2017 / 12:38