Java design pattern for code reuse


I'm developing a simple program in Java Desktop using SqLite to store local data, I would like to know which design pattern I can use to reuse Java to develop the same application for Android in my project I'm using the MVC pattern.

Is this the most appropriate for this situation?

I have an intermediate knowledge in Java for Android, Cycle of Activitys, Views, BaseAdapter, Handlers, AsyncTask, Persistence with sqlite and etc.

asked by anonymous 01.04.2014 / 22:12

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There is no absolute better standard than the others.

The MVC concept helps, but it's just a start. Code reuse will depend on the coupling level of your code. It is possible to write MVC code so interdependent that you can not reuse a single class, as well as not use any high level standards and write highly reusable classes.

Reason in terms of cohesion and

01.04.2014 / 22:34