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I am finalizing a meeting room agenda that will be in the company reception, so I opted for the base to be locally and not networked. I want to use MySQL or SQLite. Can I install the database together with the application? For example: when under any internet program, it seems that the database is installed together with the application. I'm using InnoSetup.

asked by anonymous 14.08.2015 / 20:22

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MySQL gives in theory. The work is monumental and complex. But I'm just curious, it's not what you want.

What is used in these cases is SQLite. You have to download the assembly from it and send it along with the application. Of course your application should know how to work with it. you need to understand how to use assembly in your project, how to program for it, how to add it to your installation, etc. In addition to learning how to use it obviously.

As you seem to be pretty raw with this I will pass the basics and you will ask as you are having doubts.

You can install one of the components in links below. It has the necessary files for running and drawing time helpers from Visual Studio.

14.08.2015 / 20:51