How to test name-based virtual servers / SNI on a local machine?


I am migrating from Apache pro nginx, and a wildcard certificate ( wildcard certificate - a single certificate for multiple domains) to SNI . I would like to test the new configuration locally (preferably via Vagrant - my server uses FreeBSD and my local machine uses Windows 7, but this is on my own, not part of the question). Is it possible?

Clarifying: I can access my local installation via localhost or or using the IP of my machine. I would like to test using different domain names - as if it were a single server hosting several sites - although not necessarily the same ones that will be used in production (but preferably yes, as it would simplify the SNI tests). Since the purpose is to verify that the name-based virtual servers and their certificates are working correctly (i.e. the webserver configuration is also on my own).

asked by anonymous 07.07.2014 / 21:05

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