Update Controls in Custom Toolbox Control


I created a "Windows Forms Toolbox Control" project and customized some controls:


According to the figure below you can see the toolbox created and available for use:



After the update of the toolbox the path has changed, see the figure below:


How can I update these controls so that projects do not lose the reference?

I noticed that there are some extensions installed that do not have this different naming in the directory. Is it possible to change the destination folder of the extension in installation and update?

... sorry for the amount of images, I have not found a better way to expose the problem.

asked by anonymous 31.03.2015 / 19:01

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In your project, is the Assembly information set? Is Com Visible set to True ? Are you using a dynamic or constant URI in your project? Tested on other computers? Have you stopped to think that you might be conflicting between System Namespaces?

MarkthatboxMakeassemblyCOM-VisibletoTrue,souserscanhavegeneralaccesstothe"Types" and methods of the Project.


Note: This window is located in Project \ Your Project - > Application tab, on the "Assembly Information" button.

You can not definitively speak what the problem is, I will test here, if I find what the problem is, I will notify you.

13.05.2015 / 04:01