What is the meaning of the word "cout" in C / C ++?


Well, it is very common in programming languages to have keywords responsible for printing output.

Some are classic like echo , print , printf and write , etc.

But in% w / o% we have% w / o%. For me, this word does not make sense to be related to data printing (I speak in a translation, for example). I did not even find a translation for that word.

For example:

int main()
   cout << "Imprimindo o famoso HELLO WORLD!!!\n";

   return 0;

What is the meaning of the word C/C++ after all?

asked by anonymous 15.02.2016 / 13:35

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cout is not a language keyword, it is a standard library object and can only be used through namespace std and header iostream .

The meaning would be console output . Just like cin would be console input . Both are streams of input and output data by the console.

Some people consider that the "c" would be character . At least is what the language creator says . It's weird but it makes some sense because basically everything that is sent to the stream ends up being converted to characters that go to the console.

15.02.2016 / 13:40