What is the unicode signature (BOM)


I noticed that sometimes dreamweaver puts assinatura unicode (BOM) on some php pages, I have to remove most of the time so that there is no space on the page to display and I'm not sure what%% of% would you like to explain?

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The BOM marker is a byte-order indication in a text file, for each pair of 2 bytes, in the case of unicode-16 and for the 4-byte group in unicode-32.

This marker comes exclusively at the beginning of the file.

BOM stands for "Byte Order Mark" .


There is also BOM for unicode-8, but its use is not recommended since there is only one possible ordering for single-byte characters.

EDIT Print of the wikipedia , showing the markers (since it is not possible to mount tables here in the OS)

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You can fix this problem as shown below:

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  • What is BOM?

    The byte order mark (BOM) is a Unicode character used to denote the end (byte order) of a text file or data stream, with code is U + FEFF. Its use is optional and, if used, should appear at the beginning of the text flow.

    In addition to its traditional use, this character can also indicate in which of the different Unicode representations the text is encoded.1 Since Unicode can be encoded in either 16 or 32 bits, the Unicode text reader should know which format the text being read is encoded.

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