Doubt in class diagram


I'm developing my class diagram for a project and I got the following question:

How do I indicate that only ADM can register a taxpayer? Do I have to state this already in the Class Diagram? Thanks

Is there a method for viewing the classes I can have? Because at this stage I feel kind of lost because I do not know if what I think is a class or not! Thanks!

asked by anonymous 11.02.2016 / 21:54

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In this case, this representation is not necessary in diagrama de classes , since the same representation can be done in the Máquina de Estados diagram. Well, I'm not going to tell you with 100% certainty, but I believe that the class diagram has no features for this procedure, so I made some minor modifications to the class and possible state machine representation.

1. Class Diagram

In this has been added a new atributo referring to the tipo de usuário if it is going to be comum ou administrador , as well as the methods for CRUD and only an annotation referring to the restriction of only the administrator can register the taxpayer.



12.02.2016 / 00:53