How to Distribute RIA with JNLP and Java 8


I developed an application and at the time of distributing with JNLP, I encountered a deadlock. With Java 8, it asks to sign the JARs and the certificate must be from a recognized CA.

I signed the JARs with a certificate generated by me (only works for localhost).

Does anyone know how to do it so I can do with self-signed JARs?

asked by anonymous 16.04.2015 / 12:16

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This is not a complete answer, but I will use the JAR of tIDE with which I had this problem a few days ago behind. This is a JNLP executable JAR that is also self-signed and has been blocked in Java 8.

I'm using Windows.

First, open the Control Panel and look for the Java icon:

ClicktheJavaiconandanewscreenwillopen.Whilethere,gotothe"Security" tab and add your site or URL to the list of exceptions:


On the Mac, you may find something similar to the above by going to System Preferences . ( source )

On Linux, you can add the exception sites to the ${user.home}/.java/deployment/security/exception.sites file, one site / exception URL per line. ( source )

16.04.2015 / 12:43