What is an automated test?


Looking at it, the term in question seems to me essential in the development routine, so simply, what is an automated test and what are the advantages? if possible a practical example of how to do them.

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Automated testing is the use of software to control the execution of software testing, comparing expected results with actual results. Where I work we use TestComplete for the automation of the tests in Desktop applications, but there are numerous others available, for both desktop and web applications. Examples: Microsoft Test Manager, SoapUI, Selenium Web Driver, etc.

Test automation has several advantages: it is faster, it reduces the chance of human error (but care must be taken that scripts do not fail), and reduces effort with repetitive tasks, freeing testers for activities that require reasoning human.

Examples of tests that can be done with automation tools:

  • Relate the item
  • Performance
  • Stress
  • Security
  • Monitoring Resource Usage
  • Data management
  • I recommend reading the following links:

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