How to know if the video has copyright by youtube api


How can json find out if a certain video has copyright by youtube's api?

asked by anonymous 17.05.2016 / 23:32

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There is a sim,

In the Youtube Data API (v3) documentation, there is a value boolean value returned in Json named contentDetails.licensedContent that shows if a Youtube content partner claimed their copyright or not on the content, as you can see in the image below.

Inaddition,asanadditiontotheresponse,thereisalsoapropertycalledstatus.rejectionReasonthatreturnsaString,whosevalueisintendedtoexplain"Why YouTube rejected a submitted video "( this according to the same documentation ). If the upload is not possible due to copyright implication, the value returned in String will be "

These are the values of possible rejection causes that can be returned by this property:

  • claim
  • copyright
  • duplicate
  • inappropriate
  • length
  • termsOfUse
  • trademark

Note: this property is only available if the uploadStatus property indicates that the upload was actually rejected, ie if the String value returned in the same is equal to " rejected ".

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