Java Library for Brazilian Electronic Nota Fiscal (NFe)


I have been developing a business management system for some time. I need to add to it the functionality of electronic invoice issuance in the Brazilian standard.

Is there a well-tested and preferably free and open source Java library that will help me with this?

asked by anonymous 12.12.2013 / 18:13

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I know of jNFE and JeNiFEr . I did not use either, but I put more faith in Jenifer. In github they also have Caelum-Stella , which has an NFe module, although not documented in the wiki.

Alias, documentation is what is missing in these projects: there is nothing to do with documentation! :)

12.12.2013 / 18:38

I am one of the developers of a java library for NFe 3.10, it has several functions besides the batch sending. It has several unit tests (+1000) in addition to having value setter-level validations and validating against an xsd in batch submission, plus the concern to be easy to use:)

You need a configuration class and Facade library to communicate with Sefaz.

NFStatusServicoConsultaRetorno retorno = new WSFacade(config).consultaStatus(NFUnidadeFederativa.SC);

If the webservice is ok, the result will be:

Servico em operacao

Follow the link:


04.03.2015 / 14:50

I was interested in your question because some time ago I did an NFe pilot project using Ruby and the information is actually harder to find.

Looking at the site of the Secretary of Finance of SP, has an issuer of NFe, made in Java. link
If you take a look at the jnlp manifest that it downloads, there are several libraries (jars) that might be useful.

As it apparently does not work on Mac, I have not been able to investigate further. I do not know if I would download these jars if they have documentation and what kind of license it would take.

It's just a pointer for you to investigate.

12.12.2013 / 18:46

You probably already know the ACBr Project that is mainly done for Delphi. They have an executable software (ACBr Monitor) that stays in the SysTray of the machine and will wait for commands in the syntax of the ACBr components. Because of this it works in Java as well.

I highly recommend this Open Source project, for more information on Monitor see the site:


In the forum you can get any questions you may have about the subject.


03.01.2015 / 13:09

Hello! If you have service note involved and the main purpose of your software is not to issue notes, integrate it into a webservice invoice. Because this component, especially NFSE, needs constant updating, apart from the countless feces that city halls have all kinds of problems and do not take the blame. I am currently using and recommending In the case of a product note I indicate the ACBR, because it is a more mature project and has several other components that may be useful to you, such as tax coupon and so on. The contraindication is to need windows server.

02.07.2017 / 19:38