How to do SignalR load test?


When testing with the SignalR library to create real-time applications in .NET, some scalability concerns were generated which could not be found on the internet.

After some tests using Crank (load simulator) , I saw that a relatively weak server holds 100 concurrent connections, entering the site in flocks of 10, remaining 120 seconds connected.

  • 6 messages per second, the CPU has reached 60%
  • 12 messages per second, CPU hit 100%

But these tests are not very reliable. How can I effectively perform a load test with SignalR without using Crank ?

asked by anonymous 12.12.2013 / 00:35

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I would get a websocket client library (eg link ) and would do the test manually.

It is important to remember that the requesting machine can not be the same as receiving it, as this would generate extra CPU load and would use more ports (remembering that the total number of open ports is ~ 64000 maximum) / p>

Also try performing methods that do nothing (if you want to test the scalability of SignalR / WebSockets and not your code)

05.02.2014 / 21:37