What are the differences between ADOdb and PDO?


What are the differences between ADOdb and PDO? Which one performs best?

asked by anonymous 29.05.2017 / 18:43

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The PDO is standard in PHP as of version 5.1. (It is also available with a PECL extension in PHP 5.0) Most hosting providers will have enabled it. AdoDB is not a standard extension.

In addition, I believe the PDO drivers are "native to PHP": they are built on top of the same libraries that PHP itself was built on and use the same underlying routines for things like memory management. Thus, potentially, the PDO is lighter than AdoDB.

According to this benchmark, AdoDB is considerably slower than the PDO: (fixed link) link

Of course, you should consider whether this is important enough for your use case to prefer PDO or not.

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29.05.2017 / 19:01