css files in laravel 4


I'm starting with Laravel and I'm not sure where to put the css files, since there is no assets folder, as it exists in Laravel 5. I need to work with version 4 because the PHP version on the server is old and not I can change. I did not find anything on Google to help me.

asked by anonymous 15.10.2015 / 13:42

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Place your css in the project/public/css/ folder.

To call in your blade template file it looks like this:

<link href="{{ asset('css/app.css') }}" rel="stylesheet"> 


{{ HTML::style( asset('css/app.css') ) }}
15.10.2015 / 13:51

Amanda, you just need to put them in the public folder of the application.

You can create a folder for each type of document / script you are going to use.



I do not usually use the asset function because the generated path would literally look like the application was in public .

For a javascript file for example that would be in public/js we could do sim.


It could be inserted into the code simply like this:

{{ HTML::script('js/jquery.js') }}
15.10.2015 / 13:52