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I have a website with wordpress . When I perform a search for it on google the following information is returned:


The categories Terra Mail, News, Sports and Brazilian Championship are possibly the most accessed of the site. This same mechanism worked for my site, but from time to time it stopped appearing. Anyone have any idea what that might be?

asked by anonymous 25.07.2017 / 15:10

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You can get sitelinks through the google tool WebMasterTools or In AdWord, it is also possible through the robot.txt and XML files (such as sitemap).

For more information, follow the link (about AdWord) that your appearance is instant: link

For other sites (which do not use AdWord), there are a number of rules before sitelinks appear in results, such as: site lifetime, top-ranking of a searched keyword, website to be sure "relevance" of clicks and more.

Google Algorithms are always changing, but ensuring these aspects and having all the functionality ensures that someday you'll get that benefit.


28.07.2017 / 20:06