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Which brand of laptop is bad (poor quality) and why?


¿Cuáles son las Mejores Marcas de Portátiles, y las peores? - La Tienda de las Licencias

En este enlace aparecen los portátiles con más averias.

Hoy en día casi todas las marcas se han puesto al día en cuanto a diseño y prestaciones.

Como opinión y experiencia personal reparando pc's, diría que los HP de antes tenían un diseño de disipación de calor bastante malo.

MSI, ASUS, AOURUS las mejores marcas.

Kristie Tinki

I don't know of bad brands of computers I know of computers with poor components and not adequate for the minimum needs of operation, be it Windows Linux chromium etc. Many times computers are not designed to load the operating system as well as to run the package properly, I firmly believe that what you pay for is what you get, if you buy a cheap computer you will not get the same performance as an expensive one.

Remember that in computing your equipment and infrastructure will always run at the maximum of what your minimum or poorest components can run.


An electronics professor explained that integrated circuit producers do batch tests, if any of them fail, they are sold as second or third choice, the first quality ones are sold to more recognised companies and so on, that is why sometimes a second brand product lasts a long time, or a first brand product may fail, because they are random tests, they are not checked one by one.


If you go by price, you will find the answer, the bad and expensive things have a very short life span.

Willabella Kamlesh

Of the most popular, HP is probably the one I wouldn't buy. I prefer Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba.

Wheaton Bellavance

Làs cheap, if you buy branded either HP LENOVO DELL ACER, they usually give you one year warranty and then renewal of the warranty for more years, they do not do it to lose, they know that their product is quality, of course you have to give good use and proper environment


I have bought many laptops, many, many, of all brands, and in more than one price range for almost all of them.

I have had good and bad experiences with almost all brands, but there is one brand that I will never buy again because it has failed me much more than the average regardless of price level: Lenovo. I haven't seen a single Lenovo model that was operational after two years, and even without warranty it has been a constant waste. Never again, unless it's something like a used Thinkpad from a model with a proven good reputation.

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