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Which is the default extension of OpenOffice Calc?

ODF format
OpenOffice uses ODF format as its default document format. Most other word processors, of recent vintage, also have the ability to import and export ODF.

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What is the file extension for Pages?

Pages files are what they are. There are zip files. There is an optional PDF file and a JPG file that can be used for previewing the document.

Open the document and then choose File > Export to > [file format] (from your File menu at the top). Specify export settings:PDF: These files can sometimes be edited with Adobe Acrobat and Preview.

What is the extension of worksheet created in Calc?

The extension of a worksheet created in Calc is .

Calc creates a spreadsheet which is called an ODS file which is quite similar to XLXS files.
Which of the following is the extension of a worksheet created in Calc *? The default extension of a workbook created using a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet is . ods.

What is the file extension of OpenOffice Calc and MS Excel?

Open or save a worksheet using Excel in the OpenDocument Spreadsheet. ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.) allows you to open and save files. ods is a file format that can be used by spreadsheet programs such as OpenOffice.org Calc or Google Docs. You can also ask what is the extension of libreoffice calc? Answer. Answer: extension of libreoffice calc file is open document format.


What is ENL extension?

EndNote is a program for managing bibliographies and creating citations. The library in the ENL file is made up of citations. The files are usually saved in a folder with a data file name extension.

In respect to this, what is the file extension for database created using openoffice?

odb' is the file extension for the databases which are created using the OpenOffice org Base. Correspondingly, which of the following is an extension of a worksheet created in word?

xlsMicrosoft Excel workbook before Excel 2007
xlsmMicrosoft Excel macro-enabled workbook after Excel 2007

Subsequently, what is the extension of a spreadsheet class 9?

Each speadsheet file can be called a workbook. It is stored with a default extension. xls Each workbook can have many sheets so that different types of information can be organized in one file. Each workbook can have up to 255 sheets, but it defaults to only three. Keeping this in consideration, which type of package does calc refer to? Answer: the answer is spreadsheet .

What is the extension of saved file in MS Excel?

Excel Workbook.xlsx
Strict Open XML Spreadsheet.xlsx
Excel Workbook (code).xlsm
Excel Binary Workbook.xlsb

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