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Is there a way to translate a PowerPoint presentation?

First, open your PowerPoint Presentation. Then, on the toolbar, select Review > Translate. The translator menu will appear on your right. You may click on the text box you wish to translate, and the selected text will automatically show up in the menu.

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How do I translate a JSON file?

There is an easy and developer-friendly way to translate JSON files. Think of it as an online translator. The only thing you have to do is install the app and specify which languages are used and which folders the text should be stored in.

Steps to open JSON files in a Web browser (Chrome, Mozilla). Use the apps option menu to open the Web store in your web browser or this link. Type JSON View in the search bar under Extensions. To open JSON format files, you will see extensions similar to JSON View.

Regarding this, how do i open a pptx file?

A PPTX file refers to a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation file. One can be opened with PowerPoint Viewer, PowerPoint, Google Slides or another Office alternative You can convert to PDF, ODP, or other formats using the same programs, or you can use a converter such as Zamzar. How do I translate an entire PowerPoint? To translate text in PowerPoint, select the text then navigate to the Review tab and select Translate.

Subsequently, how can i convert arabic powerpoint to english?

How to change PowerPoint's display language on a PC Register for an Administrator account Click the Start button. Select Settings Click Time & Language in the window. Choose the Language option. Select a language from Windows' dropdown list. Then, how can i translate a page into english? Chrome can be used to translate pages that are written in a language other than your own. Open Chrome on your computer. Go to a webpage in another language. Click Translate at the top Chrome will translate this webpage once.


How do I translate an Excel file to English?

In your document, spreadsheet or presentation, highlight the cell or text you want to translate.

A zip file is an xlsx file. A package that contains a number of parts (typically UTF-8 encoded or UTF-16 encoded or XML files). Other media files, such as images, may be included in the package. The Open Packaging Conventions are followed as outlined in Part 2 ECMA-376.

How do I open a PPTX file without PowerPoint?

PowerPoint can be installed on your computer but you can still view and open PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint for the web and PowerPoint on your mobile device PowerPoint Mobile can be installed on Windows 10 computers to view presentations. Why can't I open PPTX files? Right-click the file to open Properties. Look for the Unblock button in the bottom right of the Properties dialog box. Click Unblock to activate it. Next, click Apply to close the dialog box. Now, try to open the presentation again.

Can you open PPTX online?

Can I view and open PPTX files on Linux, Mac OS or Android? Yes, you can use GroupDocs Viewer free of charge on any operating system with a web browser Our PPTX viewer is online and does not require installation of software. How can I Translate a PDF document? The output document contains pdf pages, but they aren’t translated. Go to Google Translate in your browser Click Documents at the top. Select the languages you wish to translate to or from. Click Browse your computer. Select the file that you wish to translate. Click Translate, and wait for the document's translation to complete.

Regarding this, how do i change my word document from arabic to english?

Change or select the display language Open an Office program file such as a Word file. Select Language from the File tab. In the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog, select the Arabic dialect you wish to use, then click Add.

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